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Since your theme is the real foundation of your website, you cannot do much without one! The need of theme determination also requires that we inspect a variety of online companies providing themes as a service.

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The Ultimate Deal On S2Member

An s2Member is free of charge membership plugin for WordPress which enables you to protect contents for specific members only. The software also lets you charge members to access private content.

Some of the content you can protect with s2Member includes WordPress Posts, Categories, Pages, Tags as well as URLs. Also, you can protect files and stream video or audio that is downloadable. The software is easily configurable, highly extensible and dependable in content protection.Just use this s2member coupon code “SUMMER” at checkout

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My two friends have been celebrating their birthdays together ever since last year. The first time, they had a huge blowout in Boston. This year, they upped the ante with a classy affair and a formal dress code. It was so fun.

The ambiance was gorgeous. Candles surrounded the living room and kitchen, and a vase filled with black and white flowers adorned the table. Black and white balloons were tied together in bunches and filled every corner of the room.

Me with my lovely ladies! Birthday girl Katy (far left), and Lauren (2nd from right, next to me!) I wore a ruched zebra print dress from Arden B with cream colored fishnet leggings from Express, and black BCBG heels.

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All is Chaos on All Sides

Change. It can shake up your world and disrupt what you are used to, but it can also open doors for new opportunities.

My day started off like any other. I sat in traffic all morning, got to the office, and began checking my emails. Moments later, my colleagues and I got some unexpected news. One of the most prominent people in our tiny organization (of 6 employees) has decided to move on to something different. Bigger and better things.

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I Found Blisson Cruise Ship

I just returned home from an 8-day vacation in Miami and the Caribbean. Coming home to the freezing cold weather of New England was a rude awakening! I can’t wait til I’m living in a warmer climate again. I truly despise winter. It was so nice to get away – perfect opportunity to de-stress and not have to think about work and my daily routine. Here’s a few highlights.

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Hottest New Years Parties – Where Will You be? :)

With only 12 days left until we ring in the new year, donned in sparkly outfits with glasses of champagne in our hands, I thought I’d point out some of the hottest new years celebrations in the U.S. this year.


The Black Eyed Peas will host at club LAX. Tickets start at $100. 50 Cent hosts at PURE. Christina Aguilera will be partying at TAO.


If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to ring in 2010 in the trendy South Beach area, hit up Mansion. $75 (ladies only!) gets you entry into the club, and complimentary open bar access from 9-12. Sorry guys, you have to pay $200 for the same privilege!

Au Revoir

With each new year, I feel like I have been given a blank canvas – and throughout the next 12 months, it will turn into a masterpiece – splattered with new experiences, travel, fabulous times with friends and family, and all the other little adventures I get myself into. As you can probably tell, I am looking forward to 2010!

To everyone reading this, I hope your New Year’s Eve celebration is LAVISH and wonderfully decadent, however you choose to celebrate. Let it be filled with a strong cocktail, good music, and the people you care about!

Have a fun and memorable night out everyone! And come back tomorrow afternoon for all the details of MY night 🙂