All is Chaos on All Sides

Change. It can shake up your world and disrupt what you are used to, but it can also open doors for new opportunities.

My day started off like any other. I sat in traffic all morning, got to the office, and began checking my emails. Moments later, my colleagues and I got some unexpected news. One of the most prominent people in our tiny organization (of 6 employees) has decided to move on to something different. Bigger and better things.

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I Found Blisson Cruise Ship

I just returned home from an 8-day vacation in Miami and the Caribbean. Coming home to the freezing cold weather of New England was a rude awakening! I can’t wait til I’m living in a warmer climate again. I truly despise winter. It was so nice to get away – perfect opportunity to de-stress and not have to think about work and my daily routine. Here’s a few highlights.

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