I Found Blisson Cruise Ship

I just returned home from an 8-day vacation in Miami and the Caribbean. Coming home to the freezing cold weather of New England was a rude awakening! I can’t wait til I’m living in a warmer climate again. I truly despise winter. It was so nice to get away – perfect opportunity to de-stress and not have to think about work and my daily routine. Here’s a few highlights.

1. I consumed alcoholic beverages everyday.

2. I got drunk three times in the same week.

3. ‘Melon Madness’ was my favorite frozen concoction.

4. The White Party was a blast.

5. I shut my phone off the whole week, so the internet and social media were of no concern to me.

6. Jost Van Dyke is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. White Bay was gorgeous and so fun to swim in.
7. My favorite accessory that I donned on the trip was a turquoise headband with a funky flower on it.

8. 11:00pm late-night jacuzzis on the top deck were by far the most relaxing thing and a perfect way to cap off a night.

9. Off-roading in Samana was an amazing experience. The culture shock is unbelievable, but the landscape is so lush and beautiful.
10. South Beach’s nightlife stretches endlessly. I never knew there would be so much. The drinks were expensive, but worth it. Mangoes was a fun place – their drink list was wild! I wanted to try all of them! I paid $15 for a cosmo at Prime, where we enjoyed a nice dinner.

11. Don’t try bowling while drunk. Gutter balls were frequent.

12. Too many men wearing Speedos on the beach. It was quite a sight for the eyes.

13. Watching all the dance productions on the ship made me miss dance a lot.

Now I’m off to continue doing some Christmas shopping online. A lot of online retailers are offering free shipping, so take advantage! Love, K

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