The Essence Of Childhood

I was ‘that’ kid. The one that always asked their parents ‘But whyyyyyy?’ and threw temper tantrums in the mall if I didn’t get my own way. But I was also the oldest daughter, and enjoyed reading to my younger sisters, playing school (of course, I was the teacher), and inventing silly made up games which we’d play until we grew tired of them.

Barbies, dollhouses, stuffed animals, chalk, helping my Mom bake cookies, reading the Berenstein Bear series… all my favorite childhood things and activities. Also, I can’t leave out terrorizing my younger siblings!

On a roadtrip to Wyoming, my sister and I made up our own secret language. We spoke by saying words backwords, so the word ‘stop’ was ‘pots’ and the word ‘yes’ was ‘sey’.

I had the biggest beanie baby collection and my favorite was a white seal named Seamore. At the height of their popularity, I always believed they would be worth something someday. It’s hilarious to look back and realize they are worth pennies now.

I didn’t always get along with teachers in school. I found that they either loved me, or didn’t quite understand me. I was never the straight A student. But I worked hard and loved doing school projects and anything that involved using my creativity to its potential.

On one embarrassing snowy day in first grade, we came back inside from recess and I was taking off my snow pants. Seconds later, I looked down and realized I had pulled my pants down with them! I stood there for a few moments, mortified, and to this day, I’m still not even sure anyone saw!

My fondest memories of childhood are reading books with my Mom before I went to bed, and my wild imagination as a young girl. Yup, I had imaginary friends. They all had their own story. One of them had a lisp and talked funny. Another was pretty and popular and her last name was McFennel. I don’t even want to tell you how many ‘friends’ I had!

Take a glimpse of me as a happy-go-lucky 3-year old…enjoying the cameras, as I always have.

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