The Ultimate Deal On S2Member

The Ultimate Deal On S2Member

An s2Member is free of charge membership plugin for WordPress which enables you to protect contents for specific members only. The software also lets you charge members to access private content.

Some of the content you can protect with s2Member includes WordPress Posts, Categories, Pages, Tags as well as URLs. Also, you can protect files and stream video or audio that is downloadable. The software is easily configurable, highly extensible and dependable in content protection.Just use this s2member coupon code “SUMMER” at checkout

The s2Member is powered almost entirely by WordPress short codes thus making complex integration easy and quick. With s2Member, you can sell recurring or non-recurring subscriptions with great flexibility. Moreover, you can sell particular Pages or Posts, sell right to use downloadable files, or just sell custom capabilities which offer highly configurable right of entry to specific segments of your content.

The s2Member software is an, in fact, a feature rich plugin that has more functionality that you will likely require. In fact, pretty much anything is achievable with s2Member. One of the critical feature that s2Member provides – the flexibility to create specific “Buy Now” products added to whatever membership level is just incredible.

The other similar feature which provides the ability to sell specific posts, as well as pages or packages, separate from membership, makes the software a very convenient tool. For instance, you can protect a page, generate a buy now link for the page and then specify things like how long the link will work for someone. The moment someone buys the page, they are taken instantly to the protected content and the link sent to their email.

Concerning the membership levels, s2Member offers you an unlimited membership level. Furthermore, it can support free membership level by way of open registration. As a matter of fact, the free version of the plugin offers four paying membership levels in addition to a free level.

One of my favorite features is the simplicity to customize the login as well as registration pages, including the addition of custom registration fields. Also, customizing the welcome email template is straightforward. You may as well choose from any of your pages for both the membership options page as well as the welcome page.

For users that rely on PayPal Pro payment method, the s2Member makes it pretty simple to generate short codes for a broad range of pricing structure that you can imagine. You can make the forms look more attractive through few style changes. The coupon codes will let you select whether you would like users to create their password and username during the process of payment, or else have it separately emailed to them.

The s2Member controls most of its functionality using short codes. For example, if you wish to hide content from public pages so that logged in members only can view it, you don’t need to do any hard coding because there is a short code for that particular task. The short code primarily provides an easy way of adding up dynamic content to a page saving you from the burden of using a string of code.

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